Owner testimonials

We have been with Siesta 4 Rent since we purchased our first property on Siesta Key way back in 2009. Since then, we have purchased numerous other rental properties on Siesta Key and Siesta 4 Rent manages all of them for us.

The company continues to provide the same great service that they have since we started with them and that’s why we are still happily using them.

Stuart & Lee

We have known Siesta4rent for 16 years.
First, as tenants and they have always been very helpful.
And for the past 10 years , as owners.
We are greatly satisfied, their work is remarkable. Everyone is very helpful and takes very good care of the house we put up for renting .
As we live in Europe, we are unable to fix, replace what has to be and even clean the place. Every time we have a problem they solve it straight away .
Siesta4rent does all that for us in a very efficient way and manage very seriously the rentals .
Each time, we come back , we know we will find our house clean and very well maintained.
Tracy and the entire staff is always friendly and warmly when we arrive .
We would never change for another managing company

Bertrand and Patricia

We have developed a great partnership with Siesta 4 Rent over the past 11 years. They are always responsive to any question I have, they keep me informed and they
understand who we are and how we want our house cared for in our absence. We chose, and have stayed with S4R because we simply could not find any other provider that offered all the services we needed under one platform like they have done.
I would recommend S4R to anyone. They feel a lot more like close family friends looking out for us than they do a company overseeing our home.

Marc & Bethe

I remember when David first came to us to see if we would be his first customer in his new business. I was impressed with his energy an enthusiasm. However Dorleen asked him if we sign with you how do we know you,ll be here tomorrow. He told her if you sign with me I,ll be here tomorrow, we signed and he as been there for us ever since, and he and his employees have seemed to bend over backwards to help us and support us over the years, we are most pleased with all they do for us, and look forward for many more years of continued cooperation. Thanks To David and all his helpers. 


Siesta4rent has been my management company for almost 10 years. As a Canadian owner of a property in Siesta Key, I have come to realize how important it is to have people managing your property that you completely trust.
Every single person who works at Siesta4rent are decent, caring individuals who think and act like business owners. They do what they say they are going to do and manage your property with “your” bottom line in mind.

If integrity and sound business acumen are as important to you as they are to me, Siesta4rent is the logical choice.

— Robert

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